byAlma Abell

Full lush eyebrows are the height of style but not everyone is born with nice full brows, eyebrow hair extensions can be a great solution to get the brows that say “wow”. Brows are the frame to your face. The right style, shape and thickness of your eyebrows is very important to your overall appearance.

Your Choices

Getting the perfect brows can be a time-consuming hassle. It can involve, daily brow makeup using precision forms or it can be easy! When you take the harder, fill them in with makeup route, you are really leaving your brows up to chance. Eyebrow hair extensions are the ideal solution for:

  • Getting great full brows without having to deal with makeup
  • A special occasion where you must look your best
  • Over tweezed brows that need some time to fill in
  • Improving the volume of your natural brows
  • Darkening up lighter brows

You can put the makeup brushes away and get that beautiful full brow when you choose extensions. No more stencils to deal with, no more touch ups throughout the day, just great brows all day every day!

Simple Process

Adding eyebrow extensions is painless and a relatively simple process if you have a trusted professional do the work for you. Each individual hair is placed with precision, using a completely safe process. Choosing a salon that has experience in applying these types of extensions will ensure that you will get the results that you hoped for.

Pamper Yourself

Don’t get frustrated trying to make more out of your eyebrows than what is there, get the extensions that look completely natural and need a whole lot less attention. YTF Hair Extensions and Beauty Loft offers high quality hair extensions, gifted stylists and the desire to bring out the best in you! Make your appointment today!