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The Max Invest Forex HYIP Program is another company that just started their online business in 2008. As January 12th being the beginning of their internet existence, here is a company that has almost 1,000 accounts a little over two months later when this was written. While that can be intriguing to many, we always suggest that you keep in mind this is a high risk opportunity.

This means you could lose all the money that is invested into their program. We aren’t saying it because of the company, this is pointed out because all HYIP companies are encouraged to tell you the same thing somewhere on their website, to eliminate any chance of a lawsuit. So if you try the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program it as at your own risk, but we still want to give an honest review on the company.

The Company

They definitely have low risk opportunities, which is on the home page and we have stressed before how important this is to have especially for newcomers. As for the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program company information, we don’t have any on them so you may want to search the internet and see what you can find as far as where they came from or something else besides what the website tells us.


We can say the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program has had over $200,000 dollars in deposits and around $147,000 withdraws according to their website which would lead us to believe there is definitely a tremendous amount of action on a daily basis. The question is how true is this and not having very much information on the company themselves can create a lot of doubt in people’s minds.

Money Programs

We did look into how you can make money with the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program and there are twelve different plans spread out between three different programs that can range from one day, three days, and up to one hundred days. The latter is considered a long term investment where the minimum amount to deposit is one dollar.

If you move down to the three day, there is a $10 minimum deposit, but the return is more than 2-2.6% that the long term risk offers, more so in the 125%-350% range. The one day can also have a one dollar deposit with a return of 105%-150% which seems like it would be the best deal as far as money ratio to return, but that is just our opinion and not that of the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program.

Overall Feedback

Once again, we are back to the company lacking enough front line information that would leave someone feeling as though they were comfortable leaving money in the Max Invest Forex HYIP Program. Add the fact that they have just begun an online endeavor there are too many variables of issues to happen in the upcoming months, which includes IT problems.

They do have a referral program that only offers 3%, and a decent money plan, but if you feel the need to invest your money with this money it’s important to try the smaller costing programs first and get a feel of what is going on. Once everything feels good and you see yourself making money then maybe move up to a larger dollar amount. Just remember this is a high risk opportunity and losing that money can happen just as quick as you make it.

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