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When taking a glance at your kitchen you must feel like something is different and definitely unsightly about the place. You might be seeing scratches on your cabinets, marks of dried up liquids and hot oils that must have made some areas greasy. Harsh cleaning chemicals that have made the fine wood become worn off. Maybe the hinges are not at all in its best condition anymore. If you have this problem, and you wish to save your cabinet and your pockets from spending too much on cabinets, then it is essential to know the basics of cabinet reface to improve the look and feel of your storage fixtures.

When you start your reface project for your cabinets, it is essential to remove the cabinet and deconstruct it first. It is easier in RTA cabinets since they can be bolted back in the wall after the reface. If you have a set of different cabinets, make sure that you label them or segregate them across your workshop or yard to prevent mix ups. You can use colored strings or ribbons. You can also attach a paper marking just to make sure the cabinet sets are at the right places.


Keep all the screws and hinges for each cabinet together. If they are already squeaky and rusty, you can choose on using a rust remover and lubricant to make sure the hinges are functioning well. You can also buy new ones if you think they are not in good condition anymore. Ask a hardware store if they have similar hinges or the seller of the cabinets if they have replacements for the hinges for your project.

Cleaning the cabinets can be quite tricky. There are a lot of products around. For reface, it is important to consider the kind of material as well as the treatment done for the material. For wood cabinets, it is best to use a cleaner that is targeted for wood furniture. Harsh chemicals and acids could damage the wood and leave streaks of white marks as a reaction. Glazed wooden materials can get dull and matte if you use very strong cleansers. Natural cleaning agents like vinegar are a good option because it is very mild and deodorizes and sanitized wood without raking havoc to it. Some other materials may be very thin and could easily get corroded so you take that into consideration too.

Various paints can be used to enhance the look of your cabinet. Use the right kind of paints to adapt to the kind of materials. There are also paints that are more matte, glazed or with a mild finish to it. You can also opt for glazing to preserve the wood and to get a very lacquered finish but in a clear coat.

Reface your cabinets is a project that does not require much expansive experience but if you do not think you can be consistent with your work, you can also commission a team to enliven your poor kitchen cabinets. Remember that at the end of the day, it should look well, function well and adapt to the whole look of the space.

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