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iPhone is the latest technology revolution introduced by Apple, a name that has already redefined portable digital music players and offered its consumers the musical privilege of a lifetime.

Essentially, iPhone is a stunning combination cell phone, iPod and handheld-internet computer. Although it is a prospective threat to the existing cell phone manufacturers, it is still in the process being introduced to the niche cell phone markets throughout the world.

Why iPhone?

Many would wonder why there is a market for iPhones when the exciting cell phones offer and meet almost every kind of application the consumers could look for. Actually, the advantages of using an iPhone are quite a few. To begin with, it can be used exclusively as a cell phone, or an iPod, or even a mini-internet computer. Offering seamless performance, it mocks at the drawbacks of the existing cell phones.

Virtual Keypad:


Using the various features and applications of the traditional cell phones, which require the users to punch a bunch of tiny buttons and navigate through the menus and features, to be able to use specific applications such as music, text message, web browsing, photos, videos and so forth. iPhone supercedes this particular disadvantage by replacing hardware with software application.

For instance, it will serve you with a virtual keypad on the screen when you need to dial a number. Similarly, when you require other buttons to use specific applications, the screen will show you the buttons accordingly. Moreover, interestingly, when you want to watch a video, the buttons on your iPhone screen will automatically disappear. It is flexible and user-friendly.

One-touch Magic:

The stunning technology of the new iPhone surprise its users delightfully. While the traditional cell phones demand you to navigate painstakingly from one feature to another or punch the buttons on their keypad, the iPhone will require you to simply touch the screen for using a particular application. For instance, you receive an incoming call from a person while you are already on another call- with the traditional cell phones, you have to punch a specific button to put the existing caller on hold to take the second call.

Under the given circumstance, the iPhone users can simply touch an apple icon flashed on the device screen from the second call in order to replace the second caller with the first one. Moreover, you can also touch on the merged calls option flashed instantly on your iPhone screen if you want to have three-way conference call.

Sensible Voicemail Option:

Most of the traditional cell phones users would have to grope through their voicemail by ear in order to listen to a particular voicemail recorded in their cell phones. The iPhone has blended technology with sensibility to offer an easier option to listen to your voicemails. It shows you all your voicemails visually onscreen, labeled by the callers. All you have to do is touch one of the names you want to hear from.

Tireless Text Messaging:

The traditional cell phones require you to ramble through the jumble of message box to choose your option. Again, you will have to painstakingly punch the button four times to type a particular digit on your screen while you write a number on you message. The easy-to-use iPhone does away with this disadvantage by offering you a virtual keyboard to type on, making text messaging smooth, seamless and fun.

Web Browser:

The users of iPhone can experience a difference while browse through the Internet on their devices as this new-age gadget offers a modified version of Safari to display actual webpages you could see on you computer, and not the crunched-down versions of the web that your traditional cell phone would serve you.

These are some of the exciting reasons why you would want replace your existing cell phones with the new iPhone developed on the cutting-edge technology to offer you brand-new feel while you are using it.

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