Some important points in photography



The creation of beautiful photos is a meticulous work that requires great concentration and dedication. A beautiful photo that has emphasized on each important and beautiful detail easily catches the eye. Creating stunning pictures has nothing to do with the camera or the object to be photographed. Everything depends on the photographer’s eye and the environment around the object.


There are the some important points to consider during photo shooting sessions. These points are very important as they have effects on the appearance of the object to be photographed and ultimately on the photo. These points are light, shadows and motion blurs. Light is crucial to illuminate the object properly, accentuate its characteristics and avoid the formation of shadows. Natural light is best for a good photo but is sometimes not sufficient to create desired image with the anticipated effect, and you can never be sure that each part or detail of the object is illuminated and highlighted. That’s why we use artificial lights and reflectors during photo shooting sessions. But we must make sure that the lights are set in the correct positions in order to properly emphasize the desired part and prevent the formation of shadows. Let us come to shadows. There are two types of shadows in photography. The first is the cast shadow. It is produced when the object blocks a source of light. A shadow is then formed on the object and hides this particular part and finally ruining the photo. The second type of shadow is not really a shadow but it’s more like a part of the object that is not sufficiently lit. A photo of good quality accentuates every detail of the object through proper illumination. While taking photos, you must be sure that there is no shadow formed on the object and each part of it is receiving sufficient light. The third important point in photography is motion blur. This is caused by a sudden and hasty movement on the part of the photographer or the object (if it is a living object or a moving object) just before the click. This results in the image getting blurred and ruined. These three points, if paid attention to, are enough to allow anybody click beautiful photos. So, have an eye for these three factors and catch the eye of everybody.

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