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pradeepWe all have seen and enjoyed the breath taking visual effects and brilliant animations in movies, but have you ever wondered who is instrumental in planning, designing and executing these effects? The whole analysis and creative input is put forward by graphic designers working behind the scenes that adds to the thrill and excitement of a stunt performed by the hero or can change the whole look of an advertisement or news item.

The graphic designer is a key person who solves all the problems related to the visual media. The designer creates the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate logos and publicity materials to name a few. They are also involved in developing web pages, websites, multimedia projects and other creative things. Graphic designer jobs is highly creative and must possess the ability to visualise the concept and think out of the box to make his mark.


Creativity, communication and problem-solving skills are essential for a designer and also the knowledge of computers and various design developing softwares. It is very important that a designer is aware of new softwares and latest trends in the industry. A bachelor’s degree or diploma in graphic design or animation is usually required to start a career in this field. For those who have a degree in other fields but want to take up designing can pursue courses offered by private colleges and design studios also. The course includes studio art, principles of design, computerized design, commercial graphics production, printing techniques and web site design. One can choose the course of choice or go for a specialised field as per interest like animation, wed designing and print designing etc. The field is very vast and highly competitive.

The scope and opportunities for a graphic designer are immense. Graphic designers, art-workers, design management professionals, art directors, creative directors, web designers and visualisers are some of the options available in this field. They can find work in advertising agencies, news or entertainment channels, films, marketing firms, magazines, newspapers, educational institutes etc. to name a few.

The demand for graphic designer jobs and animation experts has also increased in websites, mobile phones and other interactive media. Freelance graphic designer jobs is also a good idea to unleash the talent and creativity possessed by an individual. The remuneration in the field is handsome and with experience and time one can earn quite a lot. So, if you have creativity par excellence then graphic design job is a wise option to unleash your talent.

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