Relaxing During a Dental Treatment



Are you still afraid of visiting the dentist? Fret no more because sedation dentistry allows you to experience a relaxing and comfortable experience during your dental treatment, thus helping you overcome your dental phobia.

In sedation dentistry, you undergo sedation, a process that involves administering sedatives to patients to help them feel relaxed and calm. Examples of sedative drugs include tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and nitrous oxide. They are administered in different ways such as injection, pills, and gas.

Intravenous (IV) sedation is the most common form of sedation. However, sedation dentistry has now become a more conducive and relaxing experience because you are given alternatives to the traditional modalities of inhalation like nitrous oxide and IVs. It is now oral sedation dentistry which is the most common technique used to overcome dental phobia.



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is easy to perform and requires no needles. The medications used provide you with a completely comfortable experience. It is as though you have never undergone a dental treatment, since you have slept through it. However, oral sedation dentistry actually keeps a level of consciousness for your safety. In some cases, some forms of sedation like nitrous oxide gas may be given, only raising your threshold for pain. A local anesthetic is administered after you have been sedated, so it is most likely that you will not feel the pain or discomfort.


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makes you feel as though your dental treatment has lasted only a few minutes when it has actually taken hours to finish. Major, extensive dental procedures like smile makeovers that require several visits may be performed in fewer appointments because of sedation dentistry. Smile makeovers require various procedures that you may be afraid of, so sedation dentistry can make you feel at ease during your treatment to achieve a dazzling smile.

With sedation dentistry, you don t have to worry about visiting your dentist. Sedation dentistry prevents those with dental phobia from neglecting their oral health.

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is not considered sleep dentistry, since you do not sleep during the procedure. However, the effects of sedatives may make you feel drowsy.

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