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Golf has recently become a much more popular game to the world of sports. In recent years the game of golf has also seen an increase as a career choice, as golf programs and golf schools around the country make it that much easier to enter into the field. Below you will find some tips on how to pursue your professional golf career.

Have Prior Knowledge of The Game: You need to be familiar with the game of golf when youre making the decision to have a golf career. This entails having a huge commitment to this sport and knowing everything there is to know about the rules, golf etiquette, how to play, etc. Before you do this though, you should be positive that this is what you want to do. Can you imagine yourself playing golf for a living? Do you find yourself spending countless hours on the driving range, practice green or course? If you do, then this if a perfect start for you. But if some of your worst moments happened on a golf course, or you think you might like a career in something besides golf, you might want to just keep this game as a hobby for the weekend with the guys.


Have A Backup Plan: You always want to have a backup plan. Its not impossible to succeed as a professional golfer, but yes it can be difficult. If it doesnt work out for you, it doesnt necessarily mean you cant pursue a golfing career in some way. There are many options, such as, golf instruction, golf facility management, golf business management, and golf equipment sales. These are all jobs that you can benefit off of for experience and education, and will also hopefully interest you almost as much as playing the game itself.

Get an Education from a Good School: No different from any other professional career, a good education is a must and very important in the golf industry. Golf schooling really opens up a lot of doors to opportunities that others who are seeking a professional golf career might not get. Having a golf degree on your resume also tells employers that you know that game and the business nature of the game, making you a more attractive pick over someone who would require more training in the field. The fact that you pursued an education in the business shows that you have already gained a lasting interest to the sport, whereas someone without that kind of background could decide in a month or two that golf just isnt the thing of him/her. This is one of the best ways to let employers know and prove to them that you want the job.

Gain as Much Practical Experience as Possible: Yes, a degree does say a lot about you to an employer, but so does your work history. The more work experience you get in the industry before you graduate, the better chance you have of finding a good job right out of school. A lot of different options are available to those who are pursuing a professional golfing career. Most golf schools have a lot of thriving internship programs that allow students to game valuable work and experience, while having an education at the same time. Your school, a lot of the time, may also be able to provide you with a long-term part time or fulltime job while you are a student.

Remember! : The whole point of pursuing a professional golf career is to be employed doing something you absolutely love to do. If you become to stressed out all the time or have a sense of urgency to make your education and career into more of a job, you could permanently destroy any enjoyment youve ever had for the game. Try to remember to always stay optimistic and make an effort to keep both work and school fun no matter what trials may face you ahead. And always remember whatever happens; dont forget that you are in this spot because you followed what you wanted to be.

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