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Barbecuing is more of a lost art these days, as the number of burnt grill outnumbers the perfect barbecue occasions in my backyard. Often, things tend to go wrong all at once. If it is not the wood, then it must be the fuel or worse, my children must have tampered with it, I can think of numerous reasons for the burnt grill occasions. But the sad truth is that like most of you, I did not know the first thing when it came to barbecuing and yet, I wanted to impress my family and friends. I have to say that the Competition BBQ secrets

by Chatham Artillery BBQ Team made it all possible for me to cook the perfect barbecue and impress the whole neighborhood with it.


The Competition BBQ secrets by Chatham Artillery BBQ Team is a cookbook with very definitive guidelines on how to barbecue the right way, something that most of us have to learn at one point or the other. The last is especially true if we want to impress our boss, colleagues at work or even our friends and family. There are quite a few cookbooks promising you the heaven and the earth, but very few of them are as comprehensive as this one is. Though some have found this book to be a bit too detailed, personally I found the attention to even the little details to be quite helpful, like the part where it suggests matching the right wood with the right meat. Though Competition BBQ secrets is a cookbook that is designed for the experts and for competitions, it sure comes handy when you are lighting the fire under the grill in the front lawn.

Slow smoke cooking is not an easy talent to pick up, but with the Competition BBQ secrets, it should be so. It did the trick in my case and now I do not even have to start wondering whether to get the fire extinguisher or call the fire dept to put out the fire. Here, with this book, you can learn all you need to know about glazes, marinades, sauces and so much more. This book also provides you with details on the right temp setting for a slow burn, what kind of charcoals to use as well as the various techniques to be used while cooking. What ever you need to know about barbecue, you are sure to find it here in this book.

The Competition BBQ secrets is available in the paper version as well, but personally I have to say that the e-book is better as you can get your hands on it right away. There are quite a few recipes contained here in this book that you can customize as per your preference. This book is definitely one of the best when it comes to barbecuing.

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