A few Powerful Techniques for Parenting Teenagers


Janee Francoeur

Some people, when in the position of parenting teenagers, feel that they hardly recognize their children anymore. They wonder what happened to their sweet and innocent young son or daughter. It is a fact of life that children grow up and the phase of that growth called the teens is not always an easy road. We will help you make the transition just a bit easier with the following hints.

Parents simply need to realize that some of this behavior is completely natural for teens to go through. The confusion you may feel as parent is multiplied by 10 for the teenager who is experiencing alot of changes both physically and emotionally within themselves. They are often conflicted about feeling dependent on their parents and wanting their freedom. You may see some acting out as a result of this internal conflict which can change from one second to the next. Teenage brains are not completely developed they are caught in limbo between childhood and adulthood. This is important to realize because, no matter what your approach to parenting teenagers, you can\’t expect a teen to be the model of stability and rational thinking. At times your best approach is to let them progress and learn things at their own pace, and don\’t take all of their moods personally. As you do your best at parenting teenagers, you may find yourself getting into power struggles with your teen. It\’s common for this to happen you simply need to learn how to deal with them as a parent. Now is when you will want to allow some freedom to help them develop a sense of self with freedom they\’ve never had before. This doesn\’t mean you won\’t still need to set limits to keep your teens out of serious danger or trouble. Make them feel like more of a grown up by offering choices whenever it\’s possible. You simply need to find a good balance of authority and freedom to allow them to explore the world with their own eyes regardless of the rose tinting.


Your marriage can be stressed if you and your spouse disagree on the basics of raising your teens. Just as you work on your relationship with your teen you will need to work on your marriage too. Teenagers are sometimes super sensitive to their environment even if they seem disinterested. Most often the tension between parents is a cause of the emotional problems faced by teens. It\’s important for you and your spouse to communicate and find a common ground regarding parenting issues. You cannot allow your teen to play you as parents against each other. If you are in need of more help try counseling. Your overall family life is a large factor when it comes to parenting teenagers. You can watch your teen grow into a budding adult despite the difficult moments. Just remember it\’s something everyone goes through, and it\’s an adjustment for the teenager as well as the parents. The tips discussed here have been provided as a guideline to help you survive parenting your teenage child.

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